Will you love me anyway?

Will you love me anyway?

There is this song by Pink and Chris Stapleton called “Love me anyway?”. Every time I hear this song, I think about how so many people feel in their relationships. Not just relationships that are romantic, all relationships, parent/child, friendships, etc. As we walk through life, many people are worried about or searching for that external validation from others. We want to know that others like what we are doing, saying, wearing, how we look, etc. Social media has become a place for us to advertise the best of ourselves, to show the world what we are up to and for some, the number of likes or comments they get can determine how they feel about themselves.

In our society, this message of, “you aren’t enough” is everywhere we look. We aren’t thin enough because there is someone thinner, we aren’t happy enough because someone else looks happier, we aren’t rich enough because we don’t have all that someone else has. But imagine how good it would feel to believe that you are enough and to feel that support from others that you are enough. We want to know that we are enough, that we are safe in the relationships that we have with others, that they are going to be there for us, that they will love us anyway.

In relationships, sometimes we don’t share the deepest darkest parts of ourselves out of fear that we won’t be accepted or worse, that the person will no longer like or want to be with you. That fear or belief that we will not be accepted keeps us from sharing those deep connections that let others know our lived selves, the experiences that have shaped who we are, and explain why we react or behave in certain ways. It keeps us from truly connecting in a deep and meaningful way and feeling safe in the relationship.

I get it, its hard, its scary, you’re afraid. But you aren’t alone. If you’d like to work on having more meaningful and connected relationships, to feel safe and supported by those that are lucky enough to be called your partner, friend, parent, child…., then I’m here to help you do the work to get there.

Amanda Samuels

One thought on “Will you love me anyway?”

  1. Trisa Judt says:

    I have been diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease…this song just makes me cry because I have been married for 22 years and I wonder if my husband can still love me when I fall apart…can he pick up the pieces of me when I fall…because I fall a lot! I just love this song because it really is al about my life….

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