Non-traditional Relationships

Non-traditional Relationships

  • Are you a couple that is in a non-traditional relationships (non-monogamous, open-relationship, polyamory, swingers, separate living arrangements, same sex couple, something else?
  • Are you having trouble managing the relationship, the boundaries, expectations, conditions?
  • Need someone to be there to help navigate a plan that will work for both partners and reduce jealousy?

GOOD FOR YOU FOR KNOWING WHO YOU ARE AND NOT BEING AFRAID TO SAY WHAT YOU WANT AND NEED! First, let me say, there is nothing wrong with you and you are not doing it or anything wrong. It is okay to want something different from the traditional relationship model and you get to choose what is right for you. With that said, its definitely a newer concept, or one that people are now starting to be more comfortable to share that they are entertaining. Here is a support system for you, free of judgement, where you can get the services you need to navigate the relationship in a healthy and productive way.

So why choose me to help you?

  • Non-traditional couples are becoming more common.  I get it, respect it, and understand it is a constant re-navigation of what the boundaries/conditions and expectations are in the relationship and am here to help with that.
  • There will always be some amount of jealousy. So what are we going to do about that- lets work on greater communication, intimacy, and connection in your main relationship.
  • Most importantly, I am here, as a non-judgmental support for your relationship. I’m the person that you can share with and don’t have to worry about my reaction or thoughts about it, because my opinions and others don’t matter- this is about you!

Let’s get started on building the relationship you want!

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