Is It Saturday, Again?

What Day is it Again!
I have been thinking about how all of our days seem to run together and how usually by the end of the day, I have forgotten what day it even is😂.
The beginning of my day starts out fine, I know what day it is, I look at my planner, see what I have set for the day (meetings, webinars, exercise, my zoom meetings, my kids zoom meetings and their homework, etc.). But once I have accomplished the tasks for the day, because there was not movement from one space (work) to a new space (home)- I begin to completely lose track of time and space.
It makes me feel like I am stuck in Groundhog Day. Remember that movie with Bill Murray where the same day keeps playing over? Everything just starts looking the same, feeling the same, and there are no differences to delineate the work/school week from the weekend.
This is when I decide that it must be Saturday, again, because on Saturday, I can sleep in or set an alarm for a later time. I can stay in my pj’s and check emails, or eat breakfast at 11 a.m., I can catch up on things or just lay around and catch up on t.v., or play board games, or go for a walk or bike ride- whenever I want!
My life right now doesn’t feel much different than that. I set an alarm but only if I have to be up early- which is usually my want to get exercise in early and not due to a work meeting or scheduled webinar. On zoom calls- I don’t have to show my face and on most webinars the audio and video are turned off because of the large group of people on them. So I don’t have to look dressed up or professional- I do wash my face and brush my teeth but that’s for me! And I can go for a walk or a bike ride right in the middle of the day as long as I don’t have something already scheduled.
While I’m trying to express how its all running together and kind of make a joke out of “Is it Saturday, again?”, I’m also trying to express to everyone that while this has distanced us physically from our friends and family- that we can find some things to be grateful for and that those feelings of gratitude will help support us through this.
I challenge you to:
-think of one thing that you get to do now that you are home that you couldn’t have done if you were in the office at work and be grateful for the opportunity to get to do it
-pick one thing each day that you want to accomplish/a goal/something to look forward to, do it and let everything else just happen when it will (this is you giving yourself permission to be easy on yourself during this uncertain time)
-try to connect with at least one person a week in some way. Some may be able to do this daily because of their jobs (zoom meetings, phone conferences) but others may not and I don’t want to put the pressure of it being daily on you. But remembering that those connections support you as much as they support others
-be good to yourselves and one another. Everyone is experiencing this differently and we need to validate how they are feeling and accept them as they are and where they are at in this
Wishing you well,
Amanda Samuels, MA, PLPC

Free 15 minute video session

I am offering a free 15 minute video session to new clients that would like to see what a telehealth session would look like.  I know that many are nervous about doing video sessions and this is an opportunity to meet me, and for you to tell me more about you and your needs.  This is not a therapy session, but is similar to the first call in to give you the opportunity to try the video platform out and see if video therapy and I are right for you.  Contact me today to set up up this free appointment.

We are all human-ask for help

We are all in this together! I keep hearing that, but never have I felt more alone. I am a social person, I thrive on the connections I share with my family, friends, and co-workers. I know this is heavy- so let me explain.

Yesterday was a really hard day for me, and I’m sharing that because I’ve been doing okay with all of this social distancing, feeling like I have been caring for myself by eating right, getting plenty of yoga and exercise in, getting outdoors for walks or biking and sticking to a routine.

I think I thought that all of those things would keep me from the feelings of sadness or being overwhelmed that I’ve heard so many talk about. But it didn’t. Yesterday was Monday, and on Monday, new homeschooling assignments come out. These assignments aren’t too long or too difficult but they are hard to accomplish when you have 2 active boys that want to wrestle with each other to release some of their energy instead of using the time to do their school work.

I had to step back for a minute and realize that they are going through this too. That their lives have been disrupted, they aren’t playing the sports that they enjoy, seeing their friends, doing the activities that they had been looking forward to (and are still hopeful we will get to do at some point). I had to realize that as overwhelmed as I was feeling yesterday, that they might be feeling that way too.

This was an eye opener for me and a chance to remember and realize that we are all in this right now and that it is hard for each of us in our own way, that it is affecting us each differently and to respect those differences in our families, friends, and co-workers.

Its also a great time to make sure that we are finding alternative ways connect with others- we are hardwired to need this connection. So try to message with someone more, do zoom meetings with those you might have spent time out with, call someone and have a conversation- on the phone, or just text with others if you need a little connection pick me up.

Most of all, don’t be afraid to ask for help. While we can’t see each other physically, we can be there as a support for one another. So ask those people, that love you and are missing you too, for what you need to help you get through this.

And if you are having a hard time and feel like you need someone to listen, know that I am here for you.

COVID-19 Updates

During these uncertain times where we are social isolated from others, it is important to know ways that you can stay connected with others.  Humans thrive on connecting with one another and part of the treatment for those with depression is to have a strong support group.  While we can’t meet up with one another right now- there are many avenues that can continue to keep you connected.  Pick up the phone and have a conversation with someone, Facetime, Zoom, Skype- these are all great ways to see someone while talking to them, or even emailing, texting, or messaging through social media platforms.

As a therapist, I am able to help and support clients through Telehealth (video) sessions.  While this is not my preferred way of meeting with clients, due to the current circumstances, I am offering it as an option at a reduced rate.  If you or someone you know needs someone to listen, to support them through this difficult time; I am here for you.

If you just need some words of encouragement, please follow my Facebook page, Amanda Samuels Counseling (link at the top of the website) for messages of hope and resources/ideas to get us through this time.  We are all in this together.

Stay Well!

-Amanda Samuels